Happy Tales

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Critter NameTypeWhat we didMore Info
Critter NameTypeWhat we didMore Info
Dorothy Dog Rescued off the street in our new neighborhood  
Needles Dog Stray - Rescued off the street  
Ellie Dog Stray - Rescued from living under an overpass - took 8 months to catch him  
Doenut Dog Stray - Rescued off the street, had terrible mange  
Coney Dog Stray - Rescued off the street  
Dynamite Dog Stray - Rescued from living under a building nursing another dog's puppies  
Quincy Dog   
Josie Dog Stray - Rescued from living in a church parking lot  
SteveO Dog Rescued from a parking lot at Fondren and 610  
DeeDee Dog Took over from another "shelter". Cared for her until she passed away from distemper. Not really a happy tale, but at least she didn't suffer any longer than necessary or continue to be neglected at that other place.  
Gazoo Dog   
Satchel Dog Rescued from living on the street.  
Mr. Keko Cat, Feral Was in our neighborhood, trapped, fixed, released  
Mango Dog Stray - Rescued and adopted by our neighbor!  
Steeley Dog Stray - Rescued from street, had terrible mange  
Starsky & Hutch Rabbits Adopted in exchange for another shelter, with more resources, accepting some hard to place dogs  
Mr Neil Cat, Feral Was in our neighborhood, trapped, fixed, released  
Showing 18 items